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The essay assignment asks the student to write a 2,500 word essay discussing an aspect of the history of a Canadian company, selected from a list provided below.

Select one of the following companies:

1. PetroCanada
2. Bank of Nova Scotia
3. Eatons

This assignment concentrates on analysis, research and writing. If the first assignment required you to summarize, at much shorter length, the argument presented in the article you chose to examine, this assignment allows you to become a historian and present arguments of your own based on reading a number of different sources. Each of the companies selected has a significant history, and part of the assignment will be to select the aspect of that history you wish to focus on. A general narrative of the company’s background is not enough; think in terms of themes from the course, or specific periods in the company history. A good analytical thesis will provide a central claim that requires evidence to support it. The thesis statement should be made in the introductory paragraph. The body of the essay is where you will organize your supporting points using citations to support your arguments. The conclusion recapitulates the main argument and offers some thoughts about its wider significance.

This essay will require you to read or view the source materials and take detailed notes on their contents. The library session offered in the 6th week of the class will provide a discussion of appropriate sources and how to cite them. Instructors will also be able to provide some advice on this.
Your paper will require at least five sources, including at least one primary source and one scholarly article. Sources include but are not limited to:
• Original documents (diaries, speeches, manuscripts, letters, interviews, news film footage, autobiographies, official records, posters, archival materials, and photographs)
• Books
• Scholarly articles
• Trade articles
• Newspaper or magazine articles
• Free web sources
• Databases
• Multimedia

Once you have a base of raw material assembled, you then need to construct an essay that examines an aspect of the company you have selected.
Your essay should begin with an introductory paragraph that outlines exactly what you intend to argue in your paper and it should include a conclusion.

Your essay should contain a minimum number of direct quotations. If you use quotations, use short ones and only to emphasize a key point you are trying to make.

Be sure to use references or footnotes throughout your essay indicating where you obtained key ideas, quotations, and data.

Provide a bibliography on a separate page at the end of your essay with the sources you consulted arranged alphabetically by the surname of the author listed in the following format:

Burley, David G. “Hill, James Jerome”, Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online

Particular attention should be given to writing style. Use complete paragraphs and proper sentences—no point-form is allowed.

Papers must be submitted to

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