Posted: December 1st, 2015

Paying tribute.



  • Select one person to whom you wish to pay tribute.
  • Select the type of music and dance to be included in a performance of their life story.
  • Summarize your program, describing what elements of the person’s story you wish to highlight and the rationale for your selected music and dance.
  • please add a thesis and work cited or references due on Saturday 6pm
  • Select one musical work of your own preference and style and compare it to a work from the Classical era of music.

    Describe each piece of music and include the following:

    • The composition, composer, performer, and style
    • Discussion of your understanding of the use of rhythm, melody, harmony, tonality, texture, and form in the piece
    • Description of the inspiration for the work
    • Description of what both musical works communicate to you in terms of mood
    • Summary of the artistic influences that are evident in each musical piece

    Submit your assignment in one of the following formats:

    • A 350- to 700-word paper
  • add a thesis and references and work cited due Monday 6pm

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