Posted: April 1st, 2015

Paragraphs Assignment

Paragraphs Assignment

PARAGRAPH 1: 275 words
The standards or tests used to determine sanity vary depending on the jurisdiction in which the defendant is being tried. In general, there are three broad models that most states base their sanity test upon the: M’Naghten Rule, the Brawner Rule, and the Durham Rule.
Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Kansas have all abolished the insanity defense. Other states have modified their insanity laws and instituted changes based on the Insanity Defense Reform Act.
Using one – three scholarly sources to briefly evaluate each rule and the Insanity Defense Reform Act and ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION:
** Which rule / act would YOU recommend your state use and WHY? **
PARAGRAPH 2: 275 words
Describe two instruments used to measure psychopathy as explained in your textbook and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the instruments you select.
AND… evaluate the current prognosis of the psychopath’s treatment and the supportive research in support of such outcomes.
Use at least ONE outside scholarly source that supports your answer.

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