Posted: November 11th, 2015


Just need an outline

Selecting a business/corporation/organization that can be actively observed and evaluated to gather information on.  A comprehensive evaluation of human resources and business practices is to be examined for the purpose of incorporation into the research project.

  • Part 1-Company info
  • Part 2 – Identified Problem Areas
  •  Part 3 – Consultant Recommendations

Using the Internet to reference related material is advised to expand understanding and research current available facts.  Always hyperlink to the exact location being referenced

Before selecting the company you will use for this project, think about the limitations of time and size of the report. The more familiar you are with an operation, the likely you will be able to apply your HR knowledge to it’s particular issues. Selecting a huge conglomerate such as Wal-Mart, Lowes, or K-Mart/Sears is a poor choice since you will likely have little ability to decipher accurate findings from corporate level. There are many opportunities from you own work experience, or that of a relative or friend in their line of work. You can also select a small, local company you have an interest in and investigate what you can learn about their HR policies and procedures. Some military or governmental agencies may work for this project, provided you select a small work area or division that is manageable and that you have direct understanding of how HR issues are handled or can research such. Making a workable selection is key to enjoying and benefiting from the work you do on this project.

Your Outline should contain:

Company Profile: Name of the company, number of employees, basic demographics, goals/mission of the company, cultural mix of the company, if relevant, and any unique recent events that might influence the culture or climate within the company, such as cutbacks, downsizing etc. This may be in the actual format as you will be using it in the final report.

Along with the Company Profile provide a brief summary of what you are doing to research the issues at this company.

Problem areas/HR challenges:

Identify some of the areas you have identified as being an HR challenge to the company. Recommendations need not be specifically submitted in this outline but include a heading for the potential problem areas. These may indeed change as you continue your evaluation of the company and thus influence their inclusion or exclusion from your final consultation.


Include a heading for this topic to be included in your final report. You may have little to input at this time for this area of the outline.

List perhaps one of your reference and resources. These should include recent articles or current web sites that provide valuable support information about the problem areas. This is an important portion of your report since the company, your client, will use these as sources to implement your summarized suggested recommendations. You may use the Text for one, and be searching for support sources for your client depending on what you end up finding as problematic HR issues in this specific company environment


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