Posted: January 5th, 2016

Malware Collecting and Reverse Engineering

The topic is : Malware Collecting and Reverse Engineering ( Focus on Android malware ).
I have been asked to collect android malware and store them in MySql database. Also, perform some modern techniques for reverse engineering of malware. This paper is about 15 pages so please go deep in your research and find information an you can about ways of collecting malware and modern tools to do the reverse engineering stage.
I made some sub topics you can follow but the are not all what i want add more and go deep:
– History of malware collecting and reverse engineering.
– Stages of malware collecting.
– Methods of malware collecting ( focus on downloading from trusted URL )

– Methods to prevent accidental activation or leak from the malware database.
– Identify tools and methods for secure reverse engineering,how to use each tool and method ( not less than 15 tools described in a table )
– Classifying malware. Storage & Pre-classification of malware
– hardware/software needed to build up a MySQL database with a web interface.

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