Posted: February 9th, 2015

Committees and task forces whose members are from different departments are often worthless for getting things done?


Section 1:

Managing by design questions:

  1. A popular form of organizing is to have employees work on what they want in whatever department they choose so that motivation and enthusiasm stay high?

I agree, because employees are take these positions as their experiences and their experiences came from hard working and studying so if an employer put someone in a positions the person will be uncomfortable so his/her output will not be what the employer was expect it.


  1. Committees and task forces whose members are from different departments are often worthless for getting things done?

I disagree, because if committees and task forces are not getting things done by exchanging data and the knowledge the employee from one department will not getting things done as committees and task forces from different departments.


  1. Top managers are smart to maintain organizational control over the activities of key work units rather than contracting out some work unit tasks to other firms?

I disagree, because every firm has to be focus on its work on specific things and give the other things to who can deal with. And make it flexibility and more rapid.



Answer: My score 5 mostly true and 3 mostly false .


  1. What is your plan for self-improvement based on your responses and analysis?

My plan to improve my self is working with group that for earning different things from group members that is what I see it on myself. so if I like to be one of a good group I will be a good person has thinking on different ways even if it is satisfaction or not. That is because the first time not like the second with different minds.


  1. Goals and time frame for accomplishing them?

For accomplishing my goals I have to be a good person to work with a good team members. because if not I could not accept a lazy one on my team member or with the team I will work with. That will pull me down with other team member by giving us a bad decisions or decisions. So he/she will out of our thinking.

Describe the application context?

The application context shows how I can measure myself on working environment. Is it with team member or by individually working? And how I can I accept unsuccessful work with team. However I prefer to work with group and I have to accept the good things and trying to solve the bad things,


  1. Identify performance measures for your plan?

I identify my plan performance measures as my group whom I am working with in order to achieve our goal by sharing our ideas and thinking as one mind. On the other hand if I am working alone I will measure my performance as my work because it is under my control and my responsibility to develop myself in order to reach my own goals as individual work and goal.


This sociometric index shows Al-Jerisy Company departments and clients. The main value in this index is the account executive contact with others at least once or twice per project.


Aquarius Advertising Agency


  • They have to change the leadership of levels.
  • Should create a team under the leadership to control the work but with uninterrupted the client and the market team.
  • Should adapt the matrix structure and redesign it in the new organization in order to reach the new organization.
  • Adapt a new technology will help the organization to be under control.
  • They have to make a new department for following and check clients’ satisfaction.
  • The have to make a new structure and policies between clients and specialists’ communications.


Section 3:

  1. How is this week’s information related/integrated with previous week’s information?

I have learned from this chapter the types of structures for any organization divided to two main types vertical and horizontal. The vertical structure are designed for efficiency and the horizontal structures are designed for learning that guide me to connect it to how a good organization can be creating structure


Section 4:

  1. Reflect on your work environment issues that are similar to the chapter content?

I have learned from this chapter the similarity from my previous knowledge how to design structure by defined structure and provide an overview of structural design and the information sharing and coordination it.


  1. Apply the content to the chapter to the case assignments (see separate section of syllabus)?

I have learned from the case analysis the communication on any organization have to be built on a fit design to help employees and leaders to do their work in order to success their work, because if there are any communication problems that will affect the Performance work.


Section 5:

  1. Your career goals?

My career goals are to learn as much as I can in my classes as a student. And complete my master degree to help me to be a good manager and build a good structure that will guide it to achieve my organization goals or if I will open my own company.


  1. Your current work experiences?

I do not have work experience in this time but now I know how to make a good organization structure will help me and build my knowledge to deal with a new organization structure or redesign an old one by the wright way that make it a successfully organization. I also learned which structure should I use for more efficiency with informal structure for example the IT people need for less formal but with more efficiency or using a formal structure with less efficient .All of that make me feeling I am deserving to be in a leader position.


  1. Any other learning points that you would like to discuss, including questions that your new knowledge raises?

I have learned some points from this chapter about the IT people are working horizontal hierarchy for more effectiveness .On the other hand the vertical structure is formal hierarchy but it is less effectiveness than the horizontal. And I am looking forward to implement that in my future career.





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