Posted: November 20th, 2015

Operations Project Management: (New ERP System)

The Company Name: Nick Nack Cookies (fictitious)

Project: New ERP System


Term Paper Details

The objective of this activity is to bring together the topics of the course and to place the role of operations and projects in perspective relative to other business functions. The activity project requires the identification, evaluation, analysis, development, and implementation plan for either an operations improvement activity or for a project activity. A final paper is required describing the activity. The paper may be approximately 7 -10 pages (not including graphics, cover and reference pages). One page of the paper will be a preliminary abstract for approval (Part 1) and the remaining pages will be for body of the paper (Part II). See the course schedule for due dates.


  1. The paper should discuss the design of a new or improved process or the plan for a unique project in an organization of your choice. The process or project should be designed to increase functionality, or to reduce cost and/or to improve service. You are trying to improve the organizations performance/productivity/efficiency through operations or project improvements.


  1. The paper should focus primarily on operations or project management issues. Links to marketing management and financial management may be indicated.


  1. The operations management decisions to be addressed include, but are not limited to: (a) operations strategy, competitive priorities, and positioning the firm in the marketplace; (b) process choice; (c) project choice. These decisions should be addressed for the project or service. Hypothetical data may be used but it should be realistic. Project decisions should include project selection, scope, tasks, network diagram, schedule, etc. Document all literature and Internet sources. The value of the operations improvement or project should be explained.


  1. The paper should begin with the business objectives and the market and financial assumptions. The operation or project should be described in detail. Each of the decisions in item #3 should be addressed in its own section. By the end of the paper, it should be obvious that the operations or project decisions are consistent with the overall business objectives and the distinctive competency of the business.


  1. A hypothetical Abstract of your activity (not to exceed 100 words) is required. The company/organization name (fictitious) should be centered on the page (at top) in capital letters. The proposal abstract should be single spaced on one page. Due date is indicated in the course schedule. The proposal should identify the objective of the process or project, theoretical position (argument), methodology, importance, and project outline.


  1. In addition to the rubric, grading will be based on the following criteria:
  2. Appropriateness and potential value of the process or project.
  3. Soundness of the rationale and reasoning presented in the paper.
  4. Comprehensiveness/depth of content including use of “tools” discussed in the course.
  5. Quality of the sources for references and background information.
  6. Presentational aspects such as paper organization, format, and writing quality.
  7. The final paper is due on date indicated in the course schedule. Late papers will be grade           reduced one letter grade per two days late.

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