Posted: June 7th, 2016

Oral argument.

Create a 1–2 page outline defining how you will present your oral argument. Your outline should briefly address each of the topics you will present. Organize and present your outline in a clear manner. Format your outline according to the structure you intend to use in presenting your oral argument. The following is one possible format that might be suitable:
1.Facts: Analyze the facts involved in the case, from your side’s perspective.
2.Issues: Analyze facts or legal principles in dispute in the case.
3.Rule(s): Identify the law or legislation related to the case that supports your side’s perspective.
4.Analysis: Apply the identified rule to the issues in your case. Address the weaknesses in your side’s case and consider the opposite side of the case.
5.Conclusion: Summarize and describe the logical outcome of the case.
6.Relief Requested: What relief are you requesting from the court, and why?


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