Posted: May 11th, 2015

Operation Management

Operation Management

Complete the attached case study analysis assignment.
Your case study analysis should address the following items:
The paper must be submitted in APA format including title page, page and paragraph formatting, in line citations, and references. Use section and subsection headings to provide a logical flow to your analysis.
You should include a brief overview of situation including review of the constraints and goals contained in the case.
Explain how you performed your analysis.
Present your results for mean project completion time, project variance, critical path activities, and probability of completion within 45 days.
Include your network diagram.
Provide written answers to each of the questions in the case study.
The assignment this week is considered by many students as of the two or three hardest of the entire course. Start early and work methodically. It may not come easy especially the calculations for Late Finish. However, it is doable.

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