Posted: January 4th, 2017

What operating systems are they running? How do they connect to the network (cabling, wireless, dial-in)?

Network Security – Perimeter SecurityExercise 5: Compile an Infrastructure ListAs an administrator, you have to deal with a variety of devices every day. Not only must you attend to the needs of the servers, but you must also maintain internet access, manage a plethora of users and workstations, and keep everything running smoothly. You can have firewall after firewall in place, but if you are allowing access to a salesperson to dial in from the road with minimal safeguards, that connection becomes the baseline of your security.In this scenario, if you can gain approval from your organization, perform a general survey or inventory of the significant components comprising your network. See how many different network devices you can locate within your network. Make a note of all the devices that are connected, permanently or intermittently, to your network. See if you can answer these questions:•    How many servers are there? What’s the function of each, and what level of security applies to each?•    How many workstations are there? What operating systems are they running? How do they connect to the network (cabling, wireless, dial-in)?•    How does data leave the network (routers, gateways)? How secure is each of those devices? Are firewalls or other devices impeding traffic?•    What else is connected to the network (modems and so on) that can be used to access it?This information should already exist and readily accessible. If your organization is like most others, though, the information doesn’t exist, and devices are added as needed with the intent of creating documentation at some future point in time. There is no better time than the present to create it. One issue to watch out for the attitude many have: “It can’t happen to us!” That is something to watch out for in planning meetings and to be prepared to handle.

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