Posted: May 5th, 2016

One such control, an echo check, is best described as?

A. Which of the following is not a purpose of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?
1. Regulate the auditors of public companies
2. Ensure the adherence of relevant laws and regulations
3. Enhance corporate reporting and disclosure
4. Clarify sound corporate governance
I would said that the answer here is 3 – corporate reporting and disclosure

B. In most jurisdictions, a corporation’s principal officers are
1. Appointed by the board of directors
2. Appointed by the chief executive officer
3. Appointed by the company stakeholders
4. Elected by the company shareholders
I would said that the answer is 2 – chief executive officers

C.A database has three record types: 1) for supplier, a type that contains a unique supplier number, a supplier name, and a supplier address; 2) for parts, a type that contains a unique part number, a part name, a description, and a location; and 3) for purchases, a type that contains a unique supplier number referencing the supplier number in the supplier record, a part number referencing the part number in the part record, and a quantity. This database has a
1. Relational structure.
2. Network structure.
3. Hierarchical structure.
4. Single flat file structure.
The answer is 4 – hierarchical structure

D. Hardware controls usually are those built into the equipment by the manufacturer. One such control, an echo check, is best described as
1. A component that signals the control unit that an operation has been performed.
2. Two units that provide read-after-write and dual-read capabilities.
3. Double wiring of the CPU and peripheral equipment to prevent malfunctioning.
4. A device that prevents more than one peripheral unit from communicating with the CPU at the same time.
I would said the answer is 1

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