Posted: November 26th, 2015



Review Henderson’s definition of nursing and the current ANA definition of nursing.

Explain how and why the definition has developed over time. If the definition would

be updated again, what do you feel needs to be added? Be specific and provide

reasons. In anticipation of the home health nurse visit scheduled for later in the

morning, Mrs. Anderson reflected on her current living situation: The grandchildren

were late for school again! What would their mother say? Ever since Mrs. Anderson

had moved in with her daughter-in-law, it seemed that she just couldn’t do things

the way her daughter wanted her too. She wondered if she would ever get it right.

She had volunteered to make breakfast for the children and see them off to school

in the mornings, since both her son and daughter-in-law left for work before the

children left for school. She felt she had to help out somehow to repay her family.

They had been helping her since before she fell and then had to have surgery. Her

hip was healing nicely after the surgery and the doctor said she might be able to

stop using the walker soon, but it seemed to be taking too long to her. The

medicines were so difficult to take. The calcium pills were so big! Sometimes she

just wanted to be back in her little apartment and be taking care of herself by

herself. She just didn’t understand why everyone thought she would forget to eat

or take care of herself. She was doing just fine!! She did very well when she was

helping her late husband Fred. She helped with the bathing and turning and getting

him out of bed when he couldn’t walk anymore. The home health nurses always told

her what a good job she was doing with her husband. It just didn’t seem like 9

months since he had passed away. ?What factors should be considered when the nurse

assesses the self-care agency of Mrs. Anderson in order to determine Mrs. Anderson

‘s nursing care needs? ?What self-care deficits can be identified for Mrs.

Anderson? ?Using Orem’s Theory of Self-Care Deficits, develop a plan of care for

Mrs. Anderson. Develop 1 nursing diagnosis with nursing interventions. ?What

additional nursing theory (from the ones we had discussed) would you incorporate

into Mrs. Anderson’s care to provide additional support? Explain how you would

apply the theory to this case and how the theory would change the plan of care.

Power Point should include at least 3 outside references and the textbook. It

should include title and reference slides and be 14-20 slides. textbook used is

nursing theories by Julia george


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