Posted: September 13th, 2015

Numerical simulation of fluid-structure- interaction using Arbitrary-Lagrangian-Eulerian



  1. Is this correct perhaps check and what is f ?
  2. Perhaps define this
  3. Could you define this
  4. Define what this
  5. Could you please put label in the figure 1 and 2 to show and what is the?

Also to what is different between dark- color mesh and light color mesh? could you please explain elaboration text ?

  1. What is dotted line in figure 2 please put label?
  2. In the figure 3 what is the blue line and dotted blue line please put it label or text?
  3. What is means and what is m???
  4. Is this correct (2 =)
  5. Is this correct (2 =)   ??
  6. Could you please define ?

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