Posted: January 4th, 2017

ntinually evaluate the effectiveness of processes against objectives for performance management.

Review the Australian Hardware simulated business information provided in the Assessment Appendices.        2.      Review the following scenario: You are the Human Resources General Manager at Australian Hardware. You have recently planned the implementation of integrated performance management processes. You will now need to plan and deliver manager training to assist managers to implement performance management. Your training will need to be consistent with any processes you developed in Assessment Task 1 as well as being consistent with Australian Hardware policies and procedures. For example, if you outlined a process of biannual performance review in Assessment Task 1, your training session should not present information that is contradictory to the biannual review process. Manager training is to be implemented nation-wide. As a first step, you will plan and deliver pilot manager training to the Wollongong managers. The learners include: ●      mangers aged 25–50 years ●      managers who like to observe others before doing ●      managers who have requested lots of activities. You will then need to support managers to performance manage employees in accordance with organisational policies and procedures. Finally, you will need to continually evaluate the effectiveness of processes against objectives for performance management.        3.      Use the template provided in Appendix 1 to plan training for Wollongong managers. Remember to plan objectives for the training and to monitor success against objectives (plan to conduct some form of test or evaluation of the training). Remember to plan strategies for winning the support of managers for implementing processes. You will plan a 20–30 minute session that:                           a.       briefly outlines the main features of the performance management process, such as:

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