Posted: April 11th, 2016

Which is not a key element in the communication process?

1. Which one of these is not terminology related to organizational behavior?:
a. Boundaries
b. Roles
c. Customs
d. Cultures
e. Values
f. Sales Quotas
g. Demographics
h. Diversity
i. Groups
j. Teams
k. Verbal Communication
l. Empowerment
m. Perception

2. Which one of the following describes the definition of organizational behavior ?
a. Study of individuals and groups in organizations
b. Akin to a living entity
c. Emulates open systems
d. Encompasses collective efforts
e. Only a and d
f. All of the above.

3. Which of the following is not a theory of individual behavior
a. Trait
b. Behavioral
c. Economics
d. Leadership
e. Situational contingency
f. Ethics and social responsibility

4. Which is not a key element in the communication process:
a. Source
b. Channel
c. Receiver
d. Telephone
e. Noise
f. All of the above

5. Nonverbal communication involves proxemics. True or False

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