Posted: August 30th, 2016

When is noble case corruption, such as the Dirty Harry problem, justifiable?

There is an officer in your division who is known as a rat because he testified against his partner in a criminal trial and a civil suit. The partner evidently hit a handcuffed suspect in the head several times in anger and the man sustain brain injuries and is now a paraplegic. Although none of the officers you know support the excessive use of force, they also were appalled that this officer did not back up his partner s story. After all, punishing the officer wasn t going to make the victim any better. Now no one will ride with this guy, and no one responds to his calls for back ups. There have been incidents such as a dead rat being found in his locker, and the extra uniform in his locker was set on fire. One day you are parking your car and see your buddies in the employee parking lot moving away from his car; they admit they just slashed his tires. Each officer is being called into the Captain s office to state whether they know anything about this latest incident. Your turn is coming. What are you going to do? What would you do in this situation? Explain your decision.
When is noble case corruption, such as the Dirty Harry problem, justifiable? Do you agree that law enforcement should use extreme means to catch criminals? Explain your answer.
Choose an argument for or against the use of undercover work by law enforcement officials.
In 200 300 words support your position on the issue and defend that position using an ethical framework .

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