Posted: September 21st, 2015

Needs Assessment and Funding Source

identify a health education, health promotion and/or disease prevention problem/issue and
propose a program to address the problem/need. develop a Needs Assessment. The Needs Assessment will include the following
 The demographics of the population (geography, age distribution, etc.);
 The identified problem/situation, including the magnitude of the problem (using state,
regional, national, international and/or other pertinent documents); why it is a problem to the identified
 Who is adversely affected by the problem
 Costs (economic, social, etc) associated with the problem; and
 Other relevant information concerning the problem/situation.
The needs assessment will cite appropriate state, regional, and national information which the program would
impact. Population figures, trends, etc. will be obtained from relevant documents such as the U.S. Census,
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state statistics and other similar documents.

***My Needs Assessment is on Funding for HIV/AIDS patients particular in health departments in state of Florida***
***PLEASE write a needs assessment with the previous guidelines above and discuss the following topics:
**Funds for HIV Testing**
**Funds for Health Education and Risk Reduction**
**Funds for Health Communication/Public Health**
**Funds for Prevention Interventions Designed for Persons Living with HIV**
**Funds for Low-Income HIV Patients**
**Funds for Non-Speaking English HIV Patients**

***PLEASE*** give at least a minimum of 5 scholarly referrences***

***Who is adversely affected by the problem (HIV/AIDS patients family members such as their partners/significant others/spouse, and children are adversely affected so  write about them in this category and how are they adversely affected)***

*** Costs (economic, social, etc) assoicated with the problem: write about the financial cost of funding HIV/AIDS patients for resources and also talk about the social cost such as emotional aspect of a person living with HIV/AIDS. For example, mention stress level, depression, etc of a person having HIV/AIDS and even mention faith based resources such as churches and peer groups***

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