Posted: May 24th, 2016

The need to improve vaccination coverage in Australia using the provision of services or information instrument

nstruction of the essay:
1. Strong introduction outlining the vaccination coverage state in Australia
2, Very briefly describe the issue (one paragraph), and list the range of potential policy instruments that can be used to tackle this issue (a separate paragraph).
below the reference to the issue so the writer can describe it
3. In depth: describe how the provision of services or information instrument can improve vaccination in Australia and in depth analyze it from the epidemiological perspective .
Consider that this information has been requested from a government policy maker who would like to include your work in a policy paper exploring policy options in relation to the issue selected.
Refer to the research literature to gather evidence 30 references required.
4. Strong conclusion summaries the body
Word count: 2000 words (allow +/- 10%). Marks will be lost if your assignment exceeds the total word limit.
include up to 1 boxed example (of a total 200 words) to illustrate some of your material– if you choose. Text boxes are good for providing purely descriptive information – such as basic descriptions of studies or a policy. This will give you more room for your analysis and arguments. This box won’t be included in the word count. Be sure to incorporate the box into your writing.
Assessment Criteria

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