Posted: June 1st, 2016

NatureCare Products most current Strategic Plan identifies that its vision is to be a market leader for Assessment tasks for BSBMKG609 Develop a marketing plan Jasmine Education Group Version 1.1 Last Updated: 8 April 2016 Next Review Date: 8 April 2017 Approved by Academic Manager Page 8 of 13 providing high quality, sustainable skin care products

Identify and report on marketing tactics for each of the identified strategies including:  An explanation of marketing tactics and rationale for such.
 Timing of the marketing strategies, staff roles and responsibilities and costs involved.
 Recommended coordination and monitoring mechanisms that will be used to ensure that the marketing tactics are implemented as required and according to timelines.
 How the proposed marketing tactics are achievable within the available budget and staff.
 Legal and ethical issues that need to be considered in using the marketing tactics proposed and how you have ensured these issues are addressed. The following codes and legislation should be reviewed to assist in the identification of legal and ethical issues (depending on the marketing tactics proposed):    
d) Identify and report on how marketing performance will be measured against marketing objectives, including a description of the marketing metrics that can be used and rationale for this specific approach to reviewing marketing performance.

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