Posted: February 11th, 2016

What is the nature of REM sleep? Why is it important to sleep?

In the evolution of biological psychology, which historic milestone do you feel has had the greatest affect on the field? Explain why.

How does genetics affect behavior? Provide an example in your response.

What are the primary neurotransmitters? What role do they play in brain function and behavior?

What is psychopharmacology? What are some positive aspects related to psychopharmacology? What are some drawbacks? What are some current issues related to psychopharmacology?

What is visual perception? How does experience affect visual perception? Provide an example in your response. How is the brain capable of seeing a spectrum of color when the eye only contains three types of color detectors?

How is the motor system organized? What are the neurological bases of Parkinson s and Huntington s diseases?

Do you think that biological psychology or environment influences have a greater effect on sexual differentiation and gender identity? Explain why.

What is the nature of REM sleep? Why is it important to sleep?

This DQ is a learning team response so you should work on a group answer in your learning team forum and then post your team response in this thread by the deadline.

What are some examples of learning and memory disorders? What disorder do you think is most prevalent? Explain why.

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