Posted: May 29th, 2015

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

You are required to write a ‘professionally’ presented business report with the following content areas

a)    Identify Data Elements
Using what you have learnt in the lectures and tutorials, please describe each column in the dataset (note: you should describe all columns regardless of whether you will ultimately use them in your visualisation or not) and classify the Data (example, Categorical, Numerical: Discrete, Continuous / Scales of measurements: Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and ratio / Time/Date, Location)

b)    Describe the Audience for your Data Visualisation
Describe the audience of the Data Visualisation you intend to create. This should include a general description of the persona, questions they want answered, actions/outcomes you will be supporting, the feeling you’d like to convey).

In addition to the description of the audience, please provide a brief Story Outline of the Dataset (50 words or less).

c)    Describe at a high level what types of charts you might use to display the data. Based on the data types you described earlier in this section, along with the objectives of the persona you described, what charts and visualisations do you think might work well to communicate our information.

d)    Finally, describe any data ethics considerations there is with the data you intend to use. Please describe considerations you think you should keep in mind while developing and/or sharing your visualisation.

Datasets (Details)

For this Data Visualisation assignment I have provided you with a Dataset that contains Data Elements with characteristics that lend themselves to different types of Data Visualisations and Interactions (that is, Multi Variant and Geo-Location).

Hint: You may add additional statistical analysis and/or supporting data of your own (for example, additional Latitude/Longitude data), however, the focus of the assignment should be on the core data provided in the Dataset.

The following sections provided a high-level description of the Datasets to help you

Dataset : HyperStar Chain

Filename: HyperStar_Ass3.xls

The ‘HyperStar’ Dataset is a Multivariate Dataset that provides details of150 individual stores in the HyperStar retail supermarket. HyperStar Supermarket chain is one of Australia’s leading supermarket chains. There are 700 stores in the chain. Originating from a family based chain of general stores, HyperStar now has supermarkets all over Australia, with the first one being established 27 years ago. In 2010 the company launched its online store to enable customers, in selected suburbs, to make their purchase online.  In terms of operation, each state capital has a company office and they have significant autonomy in the individual state’s operations.

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