Posted: March 21st, 2017

Nationwide rejected the claim. Who wins?

Automobile Insurance Antonio Munoz and Jacinto Segura won some money from two unidentified men in a craps game in a Los Angeles park. When Munoz and Segura left the park in Segura’s car, the two men followed them in another car. They chased Segura’s car for several miles and then pulled beside it on a freeway. The men in the other car fired several gunshots at Segura’s car, killing Munoz. At the time he was killed, Munoz had an automobile insurance policy issued by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (Nationwide). A provision in the policy covered damages from “an accident arising out of the use of an uninsured vehicle.” Munoz’s widow and child filed a claim with Nationwide to recover for Munoz’s death. Nationwide rejected the claim. Who wins? Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company v. Munoz, 199 Cal.App.3d 1076, 245 Cal.Rptr. 324, Web 1988 Cal. App. Lexis 259 (Court of Appeal of California)

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