Posted: August 14th, 2015

Module 3 – SLP

Module 3 – SLP
Developing a research model
Based on the readings for this module, the content of previous courses (especially ORG 601 and 602), and your SLP 1 & 2 research questions and hypotheses, develop a research model which addresses your research question.

1.Define the variables clearly, and identify IVs, DVs, Mediators and Moderators. You need at least one of each.
2.Justify the effects you expect using prior research and logic.
3.State your hypotheses clearly, and explain how they relate to the research question.
4.Draw a diagram that explicates the expected relationships.
SLP Assignment Expectations
1.Answer all questions with clarity and depth. Show your critical thinking ability.
2.Show ability to construct hypotheses and research models.
3.Show necessary reasoning.

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