Posted: July 7th, 2015

Mini Case Study

Assignment 2: Mini Case Study
Respond to any one of the three exam questions assigned by your facilitator. Make sure you use the APA 6th edition style guidelines. Reference from 2010 to Present

1. Your 60 year old female patient has been diagnosed with Osteoporosis based upon a recent bone density study. Discuss what you would tell the patient in terms of the results of the test and what the T scores typically mean. Discuss what you would tell her about risk factors and current treatment based upon the results of a T score showing Osteoporosis.

2. A 15 year presents with knee pain that has been going on for 3-4 days. He thinks he may have hurt it playing basketball but does not remember any direct trauma. He has some swelling around the inferior portion of the patella, yet has full range of motion of the knee and it appears stable. What are 3 differential diagnoses for this patient and describe the difference in pathophysiology among the 3 disorders

3. A 3 year old male patient presents with an abnormal gait that has been steadily progressing for the past 1 ½ years after he began walking. Considering some of the potential pathologic disorders that occur in this age group, what would you tell the parents of your parents in terms of possible diagnoses? How would you differentiate among them in terms of presenting signs and symptoms, age of onset and pathophysiology?

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Patient 1
Discussed the usefulness of bone density studies and the significance of the T scores 10
Described current treatments used in Osteoporosis management and the risk factors associated with the disease 11
Patient 2
Discussed three different differential diagnoses for atraumatic teenage knee pain 11
Described the pathophysiology associated with each of the three differentials 10
Patient 3
Lists and describes three differential diagnoses associated with abnormal gait in a toddler 10
For each of the three differentials, discussed the difference among the presenting signs and symptoms, age of onset and the associated pathophysiology 11
Submitted the exam response document on time in the required format. 3
Used APA 6th edition style guidelines consistently and accurately. 3
Used correct spelling and grammar. 3
Total: 30

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