Posted: November 15th, 2015

(methodology) Article Critiques

Critique the methodology. ( Ignore content unless it is very nessary)
I will attach 5 research articles on the same topic. The 5 articles reflect different research approaches from one another:
1. Mixed method A quasi-experimental
2. Qualitative open-ended, interviews
3. Quantitative – single subject – Experimental
4. Quantitative non-intervention using Likert-scale
5. Qualitative- historical perspective
Question 1:
You will first summarize each with a focus on the methodology used and you will critique (which means examine using grounds) the study using concepts you used this semester.
Question 2:
Then you will provide a summary that talks across the 5 articles about methodological issues, constraints, and strengths in the field related to studies on that one particular topic.
While answering, you must link your answer to to each of the five articles.

To further clarification, while summarizing, the answers must contain discussion about:
1. Qualitative vs. Quantitative
2. Reasoning, Sampling, methods, and generality

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