Posted: September 15th, 2015

Med term project Worksheet

Med term project Worksheet

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Purpose Statement: What is the purpose of this project? In your own words, what personal meaning do you make of completing this mid-term project. (60)

Discussion Section:
• Your SMART career goals
• The connection between your current major and your SMART career goals
• What resources are available at UM university to help you connect with skills or knowledge you need to meet your SMART career goals

Conclusion: So what? What’s next? How did completing this project assist you in developing “checkpoints” or better understanding of what actions you need to take to align your career goals with your academic goals? Briefly address how you plan to put what you have learned from this project to use in your upcoming semesters at UM.

Citations: References from a minimum of five (5) sources from which you gathered information for your presentation. A maximum of three (3) sources may be websites. (25 points). The following are examples of resources: your course textbook and Common Reading book, Focus2, quotes from interviews, professional publications indicated via the Occupational Outlook Handbook, handouts provided in class, etc.

Professional display: Is the poster neat, presented in a manner that is easy to read, appropriately uses color, and font(s

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