Posted: June 10th, 2015

Max Weber

The task at hand is to choose one or two of the provided tutorial questions from a week before the due date of the exercise and answer it by using lecture material and the tutorial reading. The objective is to encourage you to learn how to engage in a deep reading of theoretical texts. You will need to demonstrate a clear and deep appreciation of the text as a whole by placing your answer to the chosen question in the context of an interpretation of the author’s central purposes and themes. This understanding will be aided by further reading beyond the required readings and lecture. Your essays must be properly referenced throughout, and you must provide a bibliography at the end of the essay. Do not use lecture slides/notes as references! 550 words are not much. You will need to be concise and get straight to the point. We are not asking for a summary of a theorist’s work: we are asking you to engage with a particular issue or claim raised by the text and work out a specific idea about modern societies as developed by a theorist and to reflect on it.

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