Posted: January 24th, 2017

math in blackjack

* Introduction * Hypothesis * Plan of investigation ­ you do not do any calculations or explanations on how you calculate anything, but just what they are and why you are using them. If you do calculations in any other order or any other calculations not mentioned here, you will lose points. * The investigation itself ­ Raw data should be included in an appendix. Use sample calculations here and if you have to do this repeatedly then do so in an appendix. ALWAYS use the equation editor for formatting calculations. * Discussion ­ Here is where you put together the interpretations that you made throughout your calculations and put it into a coherent argument. * Validity ­ You can put it either before or after the conclusion * Conclusion ­ Here is your final thoughts on the subject and your decision if you were right or now. this link leads into the grading criteri

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