Posted: November 25th, 2015

marketing questions


1-List and discuss the key characteristics of organizational buying that make it different from consumer buying?.

2-What is a buying centre? Describe the roles assumed by people in a buying centre and what useful questions should be raised to guide any analysis of the structure and behaviour of a buying centre?.

3-Effective marketing is of increasing importance in today’s competitive environment. How can firms more effectively market to organizations??


4-What variables might be used to segment these consumer markets: (a) lawn mowers, (b) frozen dinners, (c) dry breakfast cereals, and (d) soft drinks??

5-what variables might be used to segment these industrial markets: (a) industrial sweepers, (b) photocopiers, (c) comput- erized production control systems, and (d) car rental agencies?

6-in Figure 9-6, the dormitory market segment includes stu- dents living in university-owned residence halls, sororities, and fraternities, what market needs are common to these students that justify combining them into a single segment in studying e market for your Wendy’s restaurant?

?How does competitive product advertising differ from competitive institutional advertising-

8-You have recently been promoted to be director of advertis- ing for the Timkin Tool Company. In your first meeting withMr. Timkin, he says Advertising is a waste! Weve been adertising for six months now and sales haven’t increased. Tell me why we should continue.” Give your answer to Mr. Timkin?.

9-A large life insurance company has decided to switch from using a strong fear appeal to a humorous approach. What are the strengths and weaknesses of such a change in messag strategy?

10-products can be classified as either consumer or business goods. How would you classify the following products: (a) Johnson’s baby shampoo, (b) a Black&Decker two-speed drill, and (c) an arc welder? 2 Are such products as Nature Valley granola bars and Eddie Bauer hiking boots convenience, shopping, special or unsought goods?

11-In terms of the behavioural effect on consumers, how would PC, such as an Apple iMac be classified? In light of this classi- fication, what actions would you suggest to the manufacturers of these products to increase their sales in the market?

12-Several alternative definitions were presented for a new product. How would a company’s marketing strategy be affected if used (a) the legal definition, or (b) a behavioural definition?

13-In this chapter, you read about a young female entrepreneur, Courtney Jeffries, who observed a problem and crafted a new- product solution. Visit her website, www.myhappycheeks.comand read her story. Then, go into the marketplace and observe and talk with some consumers. Uncover some problems these con sumers may have and come up with some new products or new services to solve those problems. Report out to your professor?


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