Posted: May 7th, 2015

marketing plan/strengths need to be compared to Qantas.

marketing plan/strengths need to be compared to Qantas.

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strengths need to be compared to Qantas.
weakness are not industry weaknesses ,they are company specific to the competition,re look at these .
opportunities: these are strategies not opportunities.
Threatens:remove the first two points.
Re do the table of segmentation market.

note:(she said you have to reference at least journals and one theory to support the arguments ,so I will try to find some journals and upload it to you and if you want me to research about specific topic just tell me

and here the structure of the next assignment:

The second assignment asks you to propose changes to the marketing mix in order to carry out strategic
and tactical aspects of the marketing mix.
In your first assignment you outlined the current situation facing your organisation (including its
strengths and weaknesses from the micro analysis, and the opportunities and threats from the macro
analysis). You then outlined the current segmentation and targeting strategy of the SBU. From this
analysis, you should now propose a new segmentation/targeting strategy for the SBU (strategic aspect)
and then outline how to change the marketing mix to appeal to this new segment (tactical aspect). In this
piece, recommend no more than TWO changes to the marketing mix that would be necessary to attract
your proposed segment. Justify your strategy using ONE key consumer behaviour theory.
A key component of this assessment is your ability to present and apply relevant marketing theory which
underpins your analysis. You will be assessed on your ability to research, present, and apply marketing
theory, as well as your ability to think critically about the implications of marketing theory to practice.
You will also be assessed on your ability to design a synthesised strategic and tactical plan which clearly
integrates the marketing mix elements, relevant to the SBU chosen.

Your marketing plan will include the following elements:
1. An introduction and SWOT analysis (brief)
a. Note that this should re-introduce in brief your SBU, then present a SWOT analysis
summarising the micro/macro elements from your first assignment
2. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (some detail)
a. Current market segment à Proposed market segment
i. Are you going to segment and target a specific group, or mass market? Note that
some marketing plans focus only on a specific segment that will be targeted for
maximum growth. If this is the case, you will need to outline this segment and
justify why this one has been chosen. If you have decided not to focus on a specific
segment, you will need to justify this decision instead.
b. Changes (if any) to the targeting strategy
c. Changes (if any) to the positioning strategy
i. Impact on the current marketing segment if changes are proposed
3. Current Strategy (brief)
a. Briefly summarise the key elements from your first assignment with regards to the
marketing mix (note this is a chance to use the feedback from the first assignment to
improve this section)
4. Proposed Strategy (detail)
a. In detail, what change(s) to the marketing mix should be implemented to appeal to your
proposed segment? This includes the tactical elements you will use to carry out your
strategy and reach your market
i. Note that these will vary depending on if a product and/or service is chosen
b. Any marketing mix elements which are changed should outline the change proposed (in
other words, outline the current mix and how you propose to change that element)
c. Marketing mix elements which are not changed should be justified as to why not
d. Justify this change by the use of consumer behaviour theory
i. Based on your change(s) to the marketing mix, how might consumer behaviour
theories explain your target markets acceptance/rejection of the changed
marketing mix?
ii. Note: ONE key theory should be chosen here for discussion
5. Conclusion (brief)
Since all marketing mix elements are involved, a clear integration should guide your decision (for
example, if the product is a luxury product, the vision around a premium product, high price, brand
equity development, selective distribution, and premium packaging, for example, need to be integrated).
A well-written paper will include strong support for its main arguments. Support for your report should
come from secondary (information that has been processed or interpreted by someone else) sources. To
use your support effectively, you must elaborate upon the information, quotations, and examples taken
from your sources and connect them to your paper. It is also important to remember to cite the sources
of the evidence and support you use in your paper.

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