Posted: September 21st, 2015

Marketing Planning and Implementation Report

prepare a marketing plan as part of a group assignment for Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife conservation park –

complete the industry analysis as part of the external situation analysis.

(The industry for this business is Zoological and Botanical Gardens in Australia).

This involves identifying:

*Macro environmental factors

– Demographic
– Economic
– Political-legal
– Socio-cultural
– Technological
– Natural

* Market Factors

– Market size (volume and value)
– Profitability and variability
– Seasonal and other trends
– Market growth, Diffusion of Innovations
& the product life cycle

* Industry Structure

– Industry attractiveness (Porters 5
forces model – competitive rivalry,
threat of new entrants, threat of new
substitutes, bargaining power of buyers
and bargaining power of suppliers)
– Competitive structure (economics;
monopoly, oligopoly etc)
– Channel structure

assignment  attached   contains all   which have  been  completed, however some of the following are needed.

* Critical Success Factors

“myrmatting, referencing and extra research for some areas.

Firstly, format all   information contained in the ”  assignment” document into a TABLE in a NON essay like structure with headings and titles similar to the one in the industry analysis part of the “sample plan” (pages 2, 3 & 4). Everything must be Referenced using the references and additional ones you have found and these need to be placed as end notes and all the graphs are from the IBISWORLD industry report attached. All the additional information found must be included in the table.

Secondly, the Competitive structure (economics; monopoly, oligopoly etc) and the Channel structure as part of the industry structure are not completed and  its needed   to be done in relation to the business looked at.  the “industry report” from IBISWORLD is attached to help with this and page 9 of the “lecture notes” goes into detail on what these components are. Back these areas up with graphs wherever possible and reference everything.

Thirdly, if you could, try and find statistics on market share and market size for the Moonlit Sanctuary business and this may be calculated in the Industry report under additional statistics or on other sites and should be included as part of Market Size under Aggregated Market Factors.

Lastly, for the content in the economic part of the macro environment, it contains information on the IBISWORLD website and instead,  find graphs and information on the RBA website or from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia website or from the australian bureau of statistics[email protected]/mf/6401.0?opendocument#from-banner=LN and use this instead of the IBISWORLD annual report information. This needs to be referenced and included in the table format used.

also attached is  a document with additional information.

These websites can also be used for further information:


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