Posted: June 7th, 2016

Marketing Assignment 6

This is a continuation and final part of project please complete this final stage of the project. After you have completed the final part please combine all sections as one. and organize the references accordingly.(I will upload the previous sections)
1.0 Executive Summary
In four to six paragraphs, summarize your Brand Extension Marketing Plan. Be sure to include:
•Target markets
•Customer needs
•Value proposition
•How you would market on a national and global level
•Show an understanding of other cultures, global relationships, and global dynamics in the marketplace

The components of your Brand Extension Marketing Plan for Unit 6 are evaluated using this rubric.

Unit 6 Brand Extension Marketing Plan Assignment Rubric
Criteria Possible Points

n four to six paragraphs you adequately summarized your Brand Extension
Marketing Plan, made revisions suggested by your Professor, and included

BRIEF information on your product, benefits, target market, customer needs,
value proposition, sales projections, and keys to success.
Total 50

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