Posted: January 8th, 2016

Marketing activities of Renova Toilet Paper (based on the case study)

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Base on the case study, discuss how could Renova grow the business in its current markets or expand into new markets?
Choose one option among 5 options mentioned in the case, i.e., 1) increased price competition, 2) private label manufacturing, 3) continued technological innovation, 4) launching a black toilet paper as a limited PR coup, or 5) launching black toilet paper as a fully-fledged line extension. (Please tell me which option you would like to choose before starting.)
Discuss the pros and cons of the chosen option and the rejected options. Clearly articulating the potential benefits and dangers to the company of the option you have recommended. Please refer to relevant theory and information from the case study.
There are some tips and questions to support the thinking:
– Question any assumptions made within the case. What is the current strategy? Is it working? Why/why not?
– What does the company do well? What are its strengths and are these being capitalised on?
– What are the factors in their business environment that are causing the challenge?
– What are competitors doing and how does this impact upon their competitive position?
– Analyse the toilet paper market from the consumer’s point of view. How do people choose what to buy? What is the shopping experience like? What is the role of brands and why are private labels so successful?
– Analyse the structure of the toilet paper market. Who are the biggest competitors? What is the role of retailers? What are the trends in this category?
– Analyse the Renova company. Does it have any unique capabilities? What about the Renova brand?
***Map your answers onto the marketing process to provide some structure.
– Environment and current situation
– Segmentation
– Current/future targeting
– Current/future positioning
– How does the proposed strategy support the company’s evolving situation?

Please tell me which option you would like to choose before starting. Thank you.

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