Posted: April 6th, 2015



Paper details:

1. Discuss the opportunities and challenges that new communication technologies have created for marketers.

2. Branding is a key component in Marketing. Your own personal brand (of yourself) is also key in helping you get ahead in today’s business world. Assessing your skills and talents, as well as your shortcomings, helps with the process of marketing yourself. Conduct a personal SWOT analysis of yourself, with specific regard to your career. (Hint: Strengths—what do you do better than others? Weaknesses—what are some negative habits you have? Opportunities—Is your industry of interest growing? Threats—Is there a lot of competition in your industry?) Provide at least 5 points for each SWOT component.

3. Imagine that your company is experiencing a decline in sales after recently changing the packaging color of its product. Describe how you would approach this problem via the marketing research process. Provide at least 2 research approaches you would take on. Be specific and describe each in detail.

4. Think about a substantial purchase that you made within the past year. Which factors affecting Consumer Behavior would you say influenced you for this purchase? Select 2 factors and explain.

5. Describe the buyer decision process in the context of buying a new car. Be specific within each step of the process, giving examples wherever possible.

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