Posted: March 14th, 2016

Managing the performance of individuals and Teams -HEALTHCARE

With reference to my own organisation (CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST/ HEAD OF DEPARTMENT IN A PRIVATE HOSPITAL IN A MIDDLE EAST), you are familiar with, and academic literature/ research and policy, discuss the challenges to recruiting, supporting and retaining staff and developing an effective team.
The organisation should remain anonymous but you need to refer to the type of organisation you are referring (PRIVATE HOSPITAL IN A MIDDLE EAST).
You should use your experience or knowledge of working in the sector to illustrate (provide examples) of the points you are making. However, examples from your practice experience (where applicable) are not evidence as they cannot be substantiated so take care to use them as supplementary material to strengthen your points rather than trying to use them to prove your point.
Make sure that the points you make are well reasoned (not assumptions or a personal viewpoint) and that you debate a range of points of view rather than only providing evidence to support your own perspective.
Make use of the reading provided in the resources section of the module web but also show evidence of having searched for appropriate material independently.
Module Learning Outcomes
On completion of this module the student should be able to:
Critically analyse behaviour in the work setting and identify tools, techniques and strategies for managing this appropriately
 Develop good practice guidelines for various stages of performance management such as induction, supervision and exit
 Identify barriers to effective working across professional boundaries and work settings and develop strategies to overcome these

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