Posted: May 7th, 2015

managing competitive advantage

managing competitive advantage

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choose organization recommended Nestle then apply the strategic theory with the Nestle make as arguments and analysis

Assessment 2

Element Score – %
Suitable choice of organisation – The student should show a suitably analytical perspective in choosing an appropriate organisation based on the requirements of the assignment brief. The organisation in question should allow the student to satisfy the remaining criteria effectively.

Identify its current issues and critically evaluate its performance in terms of strategy formulation and implementation The student should be capable of analysing an organisation in terms of its current strategy. They should be capable of outlining key elements of their strategy and strategist. They should addressed the following indicative topics;
• Consistency
• Consonance
• Advantage
• Feasibility
• Suitability
• Acceptability
• Strategist profile and alignment with strategy 40
(you can add strategy of tows matrix and SWOT as arguments)

Suggest ways of improving its future business performance by enhancing its strategy– The student should critically discuss and analyse the future strategy of the business and suggest methods for enhancement/improvement. Students should suggest ways of improving its future business performance by enhancing its strategic position and offering detailed instructions for the implementation of their recommendations. (these must be realistic, persuasive and researched). 40
Marks awarded for Format, bibliography, references, presentation

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