Posted: August 14th, 2015

managing business record

Topic: managing business record

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*in order to complete the following 5 questions, you need to read the record list carefully.
1. With your chosen record you will discuss the following questions
a. Why is it a record? What transaction(s) is it evidence of?
b. How and when was it created? By whom?
c. Why has it been kept? Why is it of interest?
d. What circumstances have led to its being made available online?
e. What judgements can you make about its authenticity, reliability, integrity and usability?

The format for answering this assignment should be like below


one question followed by its answer and then start a new question with its answer.

this assignment will need 7 APA references

Please becareful of the pilagrism, as please take note of the referencing that you use in this assignment

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