Posted: November 28th, 2015



A small university has considered replacing its current course management system (CMS A) with a new, cheaper
system (CMS B). The current system is widely used by many universities in the US, and is the most advanced
system in this regard (i.e., course management).

The university is economically in a bad situation, as other organizations in the US are, and need to find some ways
to save money. The new system has been considered by the university as one way of solving the problem because
it would cost a half of the current system. Another reason for this initiative is that it is time for the current system
to be upgraded to a new version which may cost more.

There are, however, significant resistance from the users (i.e., mostly faculty). Their rational is that the new
system is so different from the current one that the users should put a significant amount of time to learn the new
system. Another problem is that this new system has not been widely used by other educational institutions. This
may not help the university serve its customers (i.e., students) seamlessly. The students, new or transferred, will
have to waste an extra amount of time and efforts to learn the new system, which may affect the students

Considering these issues, the university desperately needs to adopt the new system to save money because the
economic condition is on the brink of debacle.   Assume that you are the person who should make the decision as to whether to keep the
current system with upgrade, or move to a new system to save money. Use the knowledge that
you have learned in this course (textbook, lectures, articles) to support your decision.

Your decision should be submitted in a formal academic paper format (electronic copy in a MS
Word file). The APA (American Psychological Association) writing style should be used, and the
paper should include 10 or less pages with double-space lines and 12 pt font size.

use the below articles as references as well as outside sources.


org/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2209&context=misq" rel="nofollow">

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