Posted: April 21st, 2016

What makes people believe the way they do?

I need help with English, see the attached. This is something I am not confident doing. Any or all the help is appreciated.

Narrowing Topics Narrowed topics have been listed in the form of questions for the first four broad topics below. The answers to these questions could be thesis statements. For instance, the answer to the question “What can be done to prevent school violence?” might be the thesis statement “Only a zero tolerance policy will truly prevent school violence.” For the 18 remaining broad topics, only one narrowed topic has been provided. Come up with two additional narrowing questions that might lead to compelling thesis statements for each of these topics. Violence in schools 1. What causes violence in high schools? 2. Is there a developing trend in frequency or type of school violence? 3. How should violent school children be punished? 4. What can be done to prevent school violence? Drug use 1. Which drugs should be illegal? 2. What kinds of drugs are the most dangerous? 3. Is there a correlation between childhood exposure to drugs and use of drugs in adulthood? 4. What kind of penalties should there be for the various kinds of illegal drug offenses? Immigration 1. What are the effects of illegal immigration? 2. What are the effects of legal immigration? 3. How should immigration laws be enforced? 4. What’s the driving force behind illegal immigration? Religion 1. What makes people believe the way they do? 2. Is it morally right to go to war to defend one’s religion? 3

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