Posted: April 20th, 2016

What makes an object memorable and what do they/we remember about it?

If the cost of capital was 17%, what would be the proper
choice?Assignment Paper 3 now compare three papers. i uploaded all three papers. i need thesis statement for each one.i alreday posted in question. i am attaching third one.


Turkle, S. (2007). The secret power of things we hold dear. New Scientist , 194 (2607), 50-52.

Accawi, A. (2004). Plastic. Sewanee Review , 112 (4), 529-540.

Gundersheimer, W. (2011). A mother’s secret. The American Scholar , 80 (4), 72-75.

Sherry Turkle shows how much the memory of objects from childhood influences what we do later in life. For Accawi and Gundersheimer, the memory of childhood is vivid when it comes to particular objects. Some of these objects are photographs, but others are objects that people use every day. What makes an object memorable and what do they/we remember about it?

In your third paper consider the relationship between memory and objects. Use both the notion of object-to-think-with and the object-as-memory to discover what bring together memory, affection, and identity.

In order to prepare the paper, read the texts carefully and locate the passages that are relevant to the assignment. By focusing on these passages and working to analyze and interpret them, you will be able to generate ideas for your paper. Make the ideas you generate converge and express them synthetically in a conclusion. Feel free to use relevant personal experiences as well, but do not forget to compare them to the ones described by the authors and analyze them in the same way you do the text. Avoid making the paper into coverage of the texts; rather, arrange the ideas you have generated in the order dictated by your own thought process.

Your paper should be 4 pages (1000 words) or longer

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