Posted: April 19th, 2016

how to make a freestanding blog?

ENG 225 Blog: General Instructions In this course, you’ll be asked to establish and maintain a freestanding blog site. In Weeks 1-4 of this course, you will utilize this space to fully engage with a selected movie, allowing you to focus on specific cinematic techniques and film theories as they manifest throughout the entirety of the movie. We recommend using but you may use any blogging site of your choice. Detailed requirements for each week’s blog will be explained in the classroom under the “Blog” tab on the left menu panel. Your blog entry can be informal in structure but should follow the standard rules of academic writing. That is, you will be expected to write clear sentences that address the stated prompt, with specific examples from the films and necessary support, organized in coherent paragraphs that are free of errors. Expected word count is 300. Some things to keep in mind: While you should feel free to choose a different movie for each week’s entry, you may find it most helpful to concentrate on approaching a single film through the various methodologies required. Think of the blog as an ideas lab, a place where you can begin to work out the assertions that you will develop and synthesize for your formal essays. With that in mind, it is permissible to use writing from your blog in your formal essays, with the understanding that you will be providing additional details and context for your insights. Please check with your instructor regarding recycling and the repurposing of self-generated material. The blog format will make it easier for you to enrich your entries with appropriate media – images, audio and video clips as well as direct links to any referenced material. While these elements aren’t required, they can greatly enhance your response. To submit this assignment you will be required to post a link to the specific blog entry in the discussion forum. Explore your classmates’ blogs but no replies are required. Resources: 

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