Posted: May 16th, 2015

m assignment will include:

tourism assessment part 2

Introduction to Hospitality, Tourism and Events
Assessment Title:    An investigation into  the motivation and demand in consuming tourism/hospitality/Festival& Events products in the current economic climate

1.    Select a country you would like to investigate. ( France)
2.    Choose a sector you would like to discuss from the following list;
–    Tourism

assignment will include:

1.    A contents page that shows the structure of your assignment, including an itemisation of any appendices that you might have included at the end of your assignment. Please ensure that you have included page numbers.
2.    A brief introduction of what your assignment is about, to include the aim and purpose of the assignment, order/sequence of the assignment and its rationales.
3.    The main body of the assignment should set out:
•    A brief description of your selected project including the background of your key issues. For example, the current climate and the country’s background.
•    Identify and discuss the key theoretical context such as motivation and to what extent the motivational level has been affected by the economic issues, the key determinants, tourism/hospitality and events demand or environment analysis by using effective tools such as PEST to help you to get a broader view.
4.    Evaluate what the key influential factors are from the wider economic climate (may affect other sector such as social) to hospitality/tourism and events product demand. Ideally give some examples to support your arguments.
5.    A list of references referred to in the text presented in correct Harvard format.
6.    Appendix: A range of materials for example map or additional information to enrich or support your contents.

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