Posted: September 3rd, 2015

Low academic performance in Middle School Science

Briefly describe the project. Describe in detail how the project addressed the problem identified in Section 1. What are the goals of the project? The project for the evaluation is the evaluation itself and the product and genre is the white paper.


Why did you choose this particular project to address the problem? How does this project fit in with the data analysis that was completed in Section 2? Why did you choose the project genre? How was the problem addressed through the content of the project? How do you see the project as a solution to the problem?

Review of the Literature

How is the genre appropriate to the problem – based on analysis of the research and/or theory? What criteria, based on the research and/or theory, were used to guide development of the project? What theories informed the content of your project and how did they do so? What research informed your project and how did it do so? (Use findings from Section 2 as well as current research literature to defend and to define the choices made in project choice and in project construction details.) Remember that this is a thorough, critical, interconnected analysis of how theory and research supported the content of the project. Connections to themes in the Section 1 review of the literature can be made, but there should not be repetition.



After completing the project how would you follow up or determine the next steps? How will you implement the project? Unless the project itself was an implementation, include the following in the implementation plan.

Potential Resources and Existing Supports

Begin text here.

Potential Barriers

Begin text here.

Proposal for Implementation and Timetable

Begin text here.

Roles and Responsibilities of Student and Others

Begin text here.

Project Evaluation

How will you know what works and what does not? After completing the project how would you follow up or determine the next steps? Unless the project itself was an evaluation, the evaluation design and approach include the following in the plan: (a) the description of the type of evaluation (goal-based, outcomes based, formative or summative), (b) the justification for using this type of evaluation, (c) the overall goal(s) of the project (for a goal-based evaluation) or the outcomes and performance measures that will be utilized as indicators (for an outcomes-based evaluation), (d) the overall evaluation goals, and (e) the key stakeholders. If this was an evaluation, you still need to discuss the next steps. Remember that evaluation is a reiterative process (never-ending).

Implications Including Social Change

Local Community

How does this project address the needs of learners in your local community? What will its importance be to students, families, instructors, administrators, and community partners?


How might your work be important in the larger context?



Provide a summary of this section and a transition to Section 4.



Section 4: Reflections and Conclusions


Provide a map for the reader, an overview of this section.

Project Strengths

What are the project’s strengths in addressing the problem?

Recommendations for Remediation of Limitations

What are the project’s limitations in addressing the problem? What recommendations can you make for the remediation of the limitations? How can you address the problem differently? What alternatives might be considered in addressing this type of problem?


What did you learn about scholarship?

Project Development and Evaluation

What did you learn about project development?

Leadership and Change

What did you learn about leadership and change?

Analysis of Self as Scholar

What did you learn about yourself as a scholar?

Analysis of Self as Practitioner

What did you learn about yourself as a practitioner?

Analysis of Self as Project Developer

What did you learn about yourself as a project developer?

The Project’s Potential Impact on Social Change

The discussion includes an overall reflection on the importance of the work and what was learned. What is the project’s potential impact on social change at the local level and beyond?

Implications, Applications, and Directions for Future Research

Reflect on the importance of the work and what was learned. What are the project’s implications for future research?

What applications can be made to the educational field?

Reflect on the directions for future research.


Provide a summary of this section.

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