Posted: December 8th, 2015

Los Angeles County's CAFR

CAFR Analysis Paper Guidelines
Please prepare an 8-10 page paper, Times New Roman font 12, double spaced, APA format. The length of the paper may exceed 10 pages if you have illustrations/charts/graphs. This project will detail all information you found or did not find in the budget and the CAFR for the County that you have chosen to research and study. You should also have a cover/title page and a reference/works cited page. It is important that this be your original thoughts and language/writing. If you do include an outside source’s sentence, word for word, be sure to put their sentence in quotes and provide in-text citations.
There is a sign up board under the BlackBoard Week 1 folder. Choose a major County & post your County of choice on the sign up board. The County must be a full-service County (full-service Counties include all fund types). Larger or populous counties are recommended.

If another student has already chosen that County (per date & time posted), you must choose a different County. Do not begin your County research until the instructor has approved your choice.

The paper should financially analyze and critique the CAFR of the county that you have chosen. The objective of this research paper is to demonstrate your ability to persuade the audience/reader. The research paper must be in APA format. Print your research paper & submit your paper to the instructor before the final exam begins.

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