Posted: April 21st, 2016

LLCs are not subject to piercing of the corporate veil??

Question 1
In a C.O.D. contract, the buyer may fully inspect the goods before accepting them.

Question 2
A seller may defend charges of breach of express warranty on the grounds that the statement was:
A. industry standard practice.
B. boilerplate.
C. the seller did not intend to grant the warranty.
D. none of the above.

Question 3
Wheelz retained Doug, an attorney, to reposess several utility trailers, with authority to take whatever steps were necessary to recover the trailers. Doug hired Randy RepoMan to locate the equipment. After orally reporting to Doug that he had found the trailers in Iowa, Doug instructed RepoMan to have them towed to Nebraska. RepoMan hired Ted s Towing to carry out the request. Ted s stored the trailers on its lot in Omaha, Nebraska, and RepoMan notified Doug of this fact. When it was not paid, Ted s sued Wheelz for its towing and storage services, arguing that RepoMan was a subagent capable of binding Wheelz to the towing and storage contract. Discuss.

Question 4
The following is true of international agency agreements:
A. Most of the world does not share the U.S. s notion of agency at will.
B. It may be extremely difficult to terminate an overseas agent without good cause.
C. When terminations are permitted, the principal may be required to give reasonable notice and offer severance pay.
D. all of the above

Question 5
LLCs are not subject to piercing of the corporate veil.

Question 6
Under the Magnuson Moss Warrant Act and the FTC regulations, the seller is not required to give a written warranty.

Question 7
If there is no agreement between the parties for delivery to happen in installments, then all the goods:
A. should be delivered in reasonably spaced intervals.
B. must be delivered to the buyer in a single delivery.
C. may be delivered in installments as the seller dictates.
D. none of the above

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