Posted: March 16th, 2017

List and discuss four (4) factors.


–          Give a brief overview of UAE’s economy and demographics.

–          Compare the UAE today and 30 years ago.

–          Highlight the importance of analyzing factors that contributed to change in the UAE.

–          Provide a brief summary of the project sections.

  1. UAE Economic and Social Development Analysis:

–          What are the stages of this development?

–          What historical events accompanied these stages?

–          What impacts did the historical events have in comparison with other Gulf regions?

  1. What factors led to UAE’s Economic Development?

–          List and discuss four (4) factors.

–          Give the importance of each of the above listed factors.

–          Did Western relationships have an impact on these factors?

  1. Conclusions

–          Give a summary of the whole report.

–          Establish the future outlook of UAE’s economic and social levels.

–          Final conclusion.

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