Posted: February 4th, 2016

In light of HIPAA and other regulations, securing and protecting patients records is a primary requirement for MVCH.


Assignment 2 consists of two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A is designed for the theoretical review of topics covered in this subject while Part B is designed for the practical exercise.



Assignment 2 Part A


You are required to answer the following questions and submit them together with Part B of Assignment 1 in ONE MS Word document.


Read the case description of Mountain View Community Hospital presented in Chapter 10 of the text book and answer the following questions.


Question 1

In light of HIPAA and other regulations, securing and protecting patients records is a primary requirement for MVCH.

What data security issues would you expect MVCH to encounter if an EMR System is implemented that is accessible by physicians in the community, by laboratories, and by health care organizations?

What data security techniques would you be using to address these issues?


Question 2

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) for EMR could replace all of the data systems that would have to be integrated to form an EMR system in-house at MVCH. Do research to develop a list of pros and cons for purchasing a COTS EMR system versus developing a program for data integration to provide EMR capabilities on top of the existing disparate data source systems with MVCH.


Question 3

Which data and database administration issues should be addressed by MVCH’s special study team as part of the long-range business and information systems plan ? Why?


Question 4

Do EMR and CPOE systems seem to have the potential to help MVCK achieve its goal of achieving high-quality care and cost containment? Support your answers with examples of how you think these goals may or may not be achieved.


Question 5

Should MVCH adopt continuous data protection (CDP) systems? Why or why not? What other backup strategies might MVCH pursue? Give reasons to your answers.




Assignment 2 Part B

Following the weekly study schedule provided, you have to complete all practical exercises included in the first two modules (Module 3 and Module 4) of ITC200 Practical Manual. For some exercises, you are instructed to copy the results from those corresponding exercises and to paste them on a MS Word document. Please refer to ITC200 Practical Manual for the details

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