Posted: September 19th, 2015

Life of Middle Class.

In this assignment take on the persona of someone born in 1920. Be sure to briefly explain who you are (social status/profession) and where you live. Choose to be a white middle class.

You have lived through a turbulent period in American history and are a member of what will later be called “the greatest generation.” Your childhood was during the Roaring Twenties, you were a teenager in the Great Depression and came of age during WWII. You are now a 30-something living in the 1950s. Your oldest child (one of the first of the baby-boomer generation) has asked you to tell him the story of your life, what it was like for you and your segment of society “in the old days.” You decide to write him an essay which you hope he will keep and pass down to future generations. In this essay you want to give him a sense of how things changed over time for you and your segment of society. You will discuss social, political, and economic changes that you lived through (1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s) and discuss whether or not you believe things became better, worse, or stayed the same for you and your group. You will also want to give him a sense of the history you lived through, so put these changes into their historical context by making reference to specific events, people, laws, etc.

Be sure to use the Rule of Three in this assignment.

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