Posted: March 11th, 2017

Life is Beautiful

Write a 1,000 to 1,400 word analysis of how one of the following films reflect three of the concepts of Classicism (proportion, symmetry, humanism, realism, idealism, Aristotle s theory of the unities, etc.), as described in the lecture and textbook. Please note that the instructor may limit the choices to only three of the following films, and/or add additional films for consideration.

Life is Beautiful

The Pianist

Shawshank Redemption



An Affair to Remember

b) Include a clear description of each concept, a full analysis of how the concept is evident (or not) in the film, and supporting evidence from the film to demonstrate the writer s main points.

c) Use APA format with a style that is clear, concise and correctly uses proper grammar, punctuation, word choice and sentencing strategies.

i) Organize the analysis clearly and logically.

ii) Include an introduction that introduces the topic, film, and thesis statement (which lets readers know which components will be explored).

iii) Include a conclusion that effectively summarizes the main points and addresses the significance of why understanding Greek Classicism helps readers better understand the message and aesthetics of the film.

iv) Cite in text and in the References section.

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