Posted: January 8th, 2016

Letter of Intent

1. Literature Review: Complete the Taxonomy Template with an addition 5 or more articles bringing the total count to 15 articles listed in the template.
2. Revise your Letter of Intent
a. Revise the Problem Statement, Importance of the Study, and Research Questions sections of the LOI.
b. Provide a description of the key revisions made to the Letter of Intent (Draft 2)
c. Describe/evaluate the alignment between the problem, the knowledge gap, the research objectives, and the research questions.
d. Describe how you need to strengthen your gap analysis.
e. Provide an aging of your articles # 1-3 years #4-5 years; #6-9 years; #10+ years;
f. Indicate how many of the articles appear as citations in each of the following sections: # Problem Statement, # Importance of the Study, # Research Questions. Assuming you are capped at 12 articles, are you satisfied with this breakdown? Why or why not?

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